D.R.0.N.E (Physbones VRChat Avatar)

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Go ahead! Put the headphones on~~ join us~~

Welcome, D.R.0.N.E to the cyberverse! Join the hive-mind, put on the headphones and embrace your new second skin. Serve, obey, please.

She's been an idea that's floated around my mind for a while.... there aren't too many drone avatars out there right now.... So I made my own! I really do hope you enjoy her, she's my most in-depth and my proudest creation so far. Enjoy! ^^

Custom visor gestures!

When you talk, her visor distorts!

She Features (In short):

Physbones everywhere on the body needed ^^ (Butt, Booba, Tummy, Thighs, etc)

A coherent, organized unity package, ready for easy customization if needed.

Gestures for both her face and her drone mask! Custom made by me!

The circle on her mask will distort when you talk!

Dissolve toggles for everything on her, all of her clothing. Radial for the hoodie to go up or down is included!

-Dissolve toggles include: Drone Mask, Headphones, Hood, Bodysuit, Harness, Gloves, Wrist Bracelets, Boots, Heels, Skirt, Hoodie, Maid Dress, Choker, Bra, Thigh Highs, Panties

DPS setup for 12+ orifices and 1 penetrator, a custom PP (Much better than the DPS default one IMO) ThiccWater 1.1 Supported

You can pee and cum with her OwO (NOTE: Will not work during DPS interactions!) (You need the ThiccWater unitypackage for this to work, similar to DPS!)

Separate hue shifts for her drone mask, hoodie, hair and eyes, as well as a slider that allows you to control the strength of the emission

A "particle system" that's pretty cool and I think fits her well! (Note: Not visible in mirrors to the user)

Color shift on her hair! Multiple colors to choose from as well as a color changer when the radial is at 100%! (Blonde, white, black, brunette, colored)

Multiple body modification options, including boob size, butt size, tone arms, abs, etc (Note that 100% booba size will cause some mesh deformation!)

Extra "toys" including a crop and flogger, as well as an extra pair of headphones and a springjoint!

Toggle for breath particles!

GoGoLoco for all the half body users out there

236/256 parameters used!

Her Facial Gestures (Without Mask)


Do NOT redistribute this unity package. I ask you to respect my work, as I put a lot of effort into her.

Do NOT claim as your own. You didn't make this, please respect creators' work.

Do NOT resell this avatar in any way.

Do NOT take assets/pieces from this avatar! You must buy them from their respective creators! Don't be an asshole.

You may use her in any capacity that you'd like outside of VRChat (VTuber, MMD, Blender Rendering, etc etc) All I ask is you show me your work! I'd really love to see it. ^^

Private uploads ONLY! No public! Please only upload to YOUR account!

If any of these are broken, I will take appropriate action against you.

This model is NOT quest compatible!


Body, Panties, Bra and Thigh Highs by Skuny | Head by MDG (Texture edit by my friend wook!) | Eye textures by Zila

Hair by Sadge | Hair Textures by WetCat

Bodysuit, Drone Mask, Cat Headphones, Harness, Hood, Gloves, Choker and Wrist Bracelets by Strasza using Blender and Substance Painter

Hoodie by Kaycee | Maid Dress by YamuVR (Latex texture by Strasza) | Skirt by rinebean (Latex texture by Strasza)

Heels by Kibb | Boots by VirtualThreads

Tail by HollowHearts (Page removed!) | Ears by Ivory (Page removed :c) | "Cane" OwO by Torinyan

Body Particle System by RoboCaps | Crop and Flogger by Blankchii | Springjoint by AppleVR! | Breath particles by Raivofx

GogoLoco by Franada | DPS by Raliv | "Water" by PleasureArcade | Icons by RingtailedVR

Setup with the assistance of Fluff's Toolbox for DPS! Shoutout to VRCFury, Avatar Manager, and GestureManager for making the process much easier, go check out those too!

Pictures by Jettybandit! It was very fun modelling for you!

A HUGE THANK YOU to OMZ and BabyAri for helping with the technical aspects of Unity!

Thank you as well Shem, for helping me grasp the skills to make my passion projects come to life. I won't forget it.

Thank you for the inspiration, Yerite!

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D.R.0.N.E (Physbones VRChat Avatar)

42 ratings
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